Dynamic Injection Service

Diesel Fuel Injection Services


Avonlea, SK


   Diagnostic Tools

Maktest TK1026

  • For Common Rail Injector Testing
  • CMS Measuring system shows Instantaneous delivery and return results, up to 1000mm3 per injection flow rate.



Hartridge 1150 Pump Test Bench

  • HA580 Electronic Metering Unit
  • 20KW 600 mm3/Stroke



Stanadyne Computer

  • For testing Syanadyne DS Electronic Injection Pumps



Injection Nozle Tester

  • Nozzle Analyser



Bosch Test Bench

  • ISO Nozzle Tester



Merlin S300-1

  • For testing 2 Spring nozzles
  • Holder VW rover



Unit 9

  • For testing Electronic Gas Injection Systems