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Diesel Fuel Injection Services


Avonlea, SK


Over Time nozzles can wear out, or just become dirty. Thus you would not have the full potential or efficiency of your engine.


We can give you the choice of reconditioning your old ones or you can exchange them.

Diesel engine manufacturers worldwide have recognized Stanadyne's Pencil Nozzle for its unique small size. The compact design allows the engine manufacturer design flexibility in the placement of cylinder head water jackets and valves as well as optimizing injector location within the combustion chamber. The resulting design helps engine manufacturers to meet the increasingly stringent emissions standards.

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Features & Capabilities:

  • 9.5 mm Holder body diameter
  • Nozzle shank diameters as small as 5.4 mm
  • Rated for applications with peak injection pressures up to 1800 bar
  • Opening pressures to 400 bar
  • Low sac volume configurations
  • Clamp style mounting
  • Leak-off and No Leak-off versions
  • Orifice conditioning for atomization optimization and tighter flow band tolerancing
  • Injection Rate Shaping (RSN) feature available