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Diesel Fuel Injection Services


Avonlea, SK


Now servicing Heui Powerstroke Injectors from Ford Diesel Trucks
We can now service Heui Powerstroke Injectors from Ford Diesel Trucks. We are able to electronically test and meter each injector at various RPM speeds to insure accuracy.

We can provide you with a test report for the injectors performance.

Quality Interior and Exterior OEM O Rings kits are available for injectors.


We offer a highly recommended way of servicing electronic gasoline fuel injectors. Electronic fuel injectors have potential to build up varnish, wax, dirt and rust. This has a major effect on performance, fuel consumption, and life of the engine.

Unlike in-car injector flushing that has potential to damage the EFIs and the fuel Injection systems as a whole. Exhaust systems have also been known to be damaged by this way of treatment.

Our off engine method of service uses Ultra sonic cleaning, Back flushing. We then can also test the spray patterns and if there is any leakage. This treatment leaves Electronic fuel injectors working at their maximum efficiency, for much less than buying new fuel injectors.

We service

  • Bosch
  • Commins
  • Kiki Zexel
  • Holset
  • KKK
  • IHI
  • Mitsubishi
  • Racor
  • Garrett Air Research